Cory Adams - Township Manager

The position of Township Manager is authorized by the Second Class Township Code and subsequent ordinance approved by the Board of Supervisors. The Manager is hired by the Board to be responsible for supervising and conducting the administrative affairs of the Township. The Board of Supervisors delegates all of their non-legislative and non-judicial powers and duties to the Manager. Township manager acts as the liaison between the Board of Supervisors and the staff.

The Manager supervises all municipal departments and employees, is responsible for implementation and administration of the budget following its adoption by the Board, enforces the laws of the Commonwealth and the ordinances and resolutions of the Township, oversees and administers all leases and contracts on behalf of the Township and provides the Board of Supervisors information necessary for them to make informed decisions.

This is the only staff position in (Second Class Code) township government that is established by ordinance.

Sandy Quickel - Township Secretary

In South Middleton Township, these two positions are combined. As stated in the Second Class Township Code, the position of Township Secretary acts as a clerk to the Board of Supervisors, preserves all of the records of the Township, and is the "keeper of the records". The Secretary also provides information and records to Township Staff for their use. The Secretary can be a member of the elected Board of Supervisors, but in South Middleton Township and most larger townships, this is no longer the case.

Administrative Assistant is the assistant to the Township Manager in all daily duties, as directed by the Manager. The Manager and Administrative Assistant work closely to coordinate schedules, information, reports, etc. that are needed to carry on the Township's daily business. The Administrative Assistant also coordinates staff schedules, assists staff in contacts with the public, and assists Finance Administrator with payroll and related records.

Jarrett Sweeney - Assistant Township Manager, Finance/IT Director

The Finance Director works with the Township Manager in the accomplishment of administrative and personnel management, long-range planning and training, day-to-day and emergency operations as needed, as well as other management functions. The Finance Director also is responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of the Township funds. This includes overseeing the $2.9 million budget, and every expenditure involved with the Township. On the other side, all the revenues that come to the Township need to be invested and tracked properly. Monitoring a 20-page budget for compliance to Township policy and all appropriate governing codes is a multi-faceted task. The Finance Director is assisted in his duties by the Bookkeeper, Administrative Assistant and Township Treasurer.

Rosalie Green - Receptionist/Secretary (Part-time)

Natalie Kaczor - Administrative Assistant

The Township currently has three people working as Receptionist/Secretaries, two at the Administrative Office and one at the Parks and Recreation Office. The primary jobs of the Receptionist/Secretaries are to meet the public and assist them in handling their business with the Township. The Receptionist/Secretaries primarily answer telephone calls, greet the walk-in traffic, and direct the contacts to the staff with whom they need to discuss their issues. Among their various duties, they handle permits (typing and notifying residents of costs, when to pick up, etc.), correspondence for various staff, registrations, filing, transcribing minutes, helping to prepare newsletters, and various additional duties as requested of them.