Community Development

Tim Duerr, AICP - Community Development Director

The person in this position is responsible for reviewing and coordinating zoning issues, land use requests and subdivision and land development plan review, and providing support information to other staff, the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors. This person identifies and researches planning problems, and presents solutions to the issues presented. In this position he directly supervises the staff in the Planning, Zoning and Codes Department, and meets with residents and consultants to assist in advising them of planning procedures.

He also serves as the Township Zoning Officer. Zoning Officer duties include interpretation and administration of the Zoning Ordinance.

Tim Stout - Building Inspector/Codes Enforcement Officer/Asst. Zoning Officer

In South Middleton Township a single person fills these positions. The main responsibility of the Codes Enforcement Officer is to ensure compliance with all aspects of codes enforcement pertaining to subdivision and land development and nuisances. Code compliance is monitored through on-site inspections and follow-up to complaints received. This person is required to maintain files relating to codes, interacts with the public and other staff on issues relating to codes, and may need to initiate legal action and testify on code related violations before the District Magistrate.

As the Assistant Zoning Officer he assists the Zoning Officer administering and enforcing the zoning ordinance.

Bill Coulson - Building Inspector/Codes Enforcement Officer/Building Code Official

The Building Inspector's responsibility is to administer and enforce the building code by assisting the Building Codes Official in all activities relating to building codes. The Inspector primarily deals with inspections of building projects as well as maintains the proper paperwork to keep the files and the projects up-to-date and in compliance. Investigation of suspected or reported violations is also required. His primary duties involve the review and inspection of commercial construction.

Allison Earnst - Community Development Secretary

This position is responsible for performing tasks relating to land use planning for the Township, specifically providing technical and administrative support for the Planning Department, including zoning and codes enforcement, the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors in land use and development activities. This is accomplished by creating and maintaining files, creating data to generate various reports and information related to planning activites and providing any assistance when directed.

Attention All Building Permit Applicants

Effective June 1st, 2015

South Middleton Township will no longer accept plans that have not been pre-approved by Middle Department Inspection Agency (MDIA).

Any building plan that has electrical work must be submitted to Middle Department Inspection Agency for electrical approval before submission to the South Middleton Township Building Department. Middle Department will accept plans at the counter, or you can mail them to their office. Plans must be accompanied by a completed South Middleton Township building permit application. This change includes both Commercial and Residential plans.

Middle Department Inspection Agency Inc. is located at 3901 Hartzdale Drive, Suite 112, Camp Hill, PA 17011. Phone (717) 761-5340 Fax (717) 761-5590. When you pick up your approved electrical plans from MDIA you will pay MDIA directly for any fees owed to them. South Middleton Township will continue to issue the building permit.

Due to customer complaints about turnaround time on electrical reviews the Township is taking these steps to hopefully shorten the overall review time. Now the customer can work directly with MDIA to get the correct information needed to complete their electrical review without passing information and plans through South Middleton Township.

Fee Schedules
Zoning/Permit Fee Schedule Subdivision/Land Development Fee Schedule
Highway Occupancy Fee Schedule MDIA Fee Schedule (Electrical Only)
Parks, Recreation Areas, and Facilities Recreation Fees in lieu of Land Dedication

Water Well Permit Application Sign Permit Application
Zoning Permit Application Zoning Hearing Application
Subdivision/Land Development Application Conditional Use Application
Standard Letter of Credit Format - This format must be used when providing a letter of credit as security.
Revised Plan Application Required Building Inspections
Plan Review Policy Procedure for Recording Plans
How to Apply for Permits Subdivision and Land Development
Review Procedure Fact Sheet
Land Development Improvement Certification Commercial Building Application Package
Commercial Alterations
Level 1 Permit Application
Required Commercial Inspections
Appeals Board Application Form
Demolition Permit Application Daycare Worksheet Application
Foundation Only Permit Certification
Residential Building Application Package
Solicitor/Peddler Permit Application PRD Modification Application
Fireworks Display Application Massage Therapy License Application

Building Permit Applications are available at the Township office, or by calling the office at (717) 258-5324.

Completed applications may be sent by mail to:

South Middleton Township
520 Park Drive
Boiling Springs, PA 17007-9536

South Middleton Township has adopted the 2009 ICC Building Codes. If you have any questions please call the Township. 258-5324 prior to starting any project.

Under the MPC (Municipalities Planning Code), any municipality that has zoning must also have a Zoning Hearing Board to provide citizens with relief from the Zoning Ordinance and the interpretations of the Zoning Officer.

The Zoning Hearing Board consists of five members appointed by the Board of Supervisors. All members are Township residents and serve a five year term. The Board is assisted by a Solicitor who provides legal counsel. By Pennsylvania statute, the Solicitor is chosen by the Zoning Hearing Board, but his compensation is set and paid by the Board of Supervisors. Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month and are held at the Township Building. Members are paid a fee for each meeting attended.

The Zoning Hearing Board's purpose is to hear appeals of the Zoning Officer's decision by interpreting the ordinance and granting relief from the literal enforcement of that ordinance in certain hardship situations. Also, it decides on the applications for variances, home occupations and special exceptions. The Board schedules hearings on applications of requested appeals. It hears the evidence presented and renders decisions which contain findings of fact and conclusion of the law. Legal notices of proposed meetings are listed in the legal section of the local newspaper. Copies are also sent to the applicant, adjacent neighbors of the applicant, and notice is posted at the proposed site.

Do you need a permit?

YES - Alterations, repairs, additions, reconstructions, new constructions, demolitions, new driveways, new sewage systems, and repairs to existing sewage systems. Certain circumstances apply.

NO - re-shingling a roof (with no structural changes), repaving or paving driveways over stone. Certain circumstances apply.

When beginning a project, please call the Township office for specific directions on how to proceed.

Nuisance ordinance

In the fall of 1993, and ordinance prohibiting certain nuisances was adopted. This ordinance states it is unlawful to throw, deposit, or dump any trash, junk, waste or discarded materials on any public or private property; or to store or to deposit any abandoned or junked vehicles on any property, either public or private. An abandoned vehicle is defined as one that is inoperable and left unattended on public property for more than 48 hours; one without a valid registration plate, inspection or title and left unattended for more than 48 hours; or other motor vehicle intentionally abandoned by its owner. A junked vehicle is any motor vehicle not in running condition and does not exhibit a valid inspection sticker. Contact the Township for an expanded definition of these vehicles.

Violation of any part of this ordinance may result in fines of $200 - $600. Please direct questions concerning this ordinance to the Township Zoning/Codes Enforcement officer at

Registration of Non-conforming uses

The Zoning/Codes Department is registering non-conforming uses within the Township. If any property owner believes the current use of his property is not in compliance with the current zoning district in which the property is situated, but had existed prior to the adoption of the new zoning ordinance on December 14, 1999, the property should be registered at the Township.

This registration will help to create a record to insure grandfathered protection to those uses no longer in compliance with the Zoning Ordinance. Please contact Tim Duerr, Zoning Officer, at 258-5324 with questions or directions on how to proceed.

Township receives Source Water Protection Award

Chesapeake Bay Program

South Middleton Township has been awarded the gold community status as a result of its efforts to help restore and protect the Chesapeake Bay, its rivers and its streams. Please visit their website:

PA 2006 Waste Watchers Award

South Middleton Township has been awarded the PA 2006 Waste Watchers Award for composting. Click on this link to read the Award Presentation Letter and visit their website to learn more.