Russ Yinger - Road Department Director


The Superintendent supervises and plans all activities related to Township-owned and maintained roads and property. Working according to his five year plan plus any unforeseen needs, the Superintendent plans and manages new construction of projects as well as maintenance projects with emphasis on safety of citizens. He supervises the road crew and participates in the jobs himself. He assists in preparing bids related to his department's needs, budget preparation and performance, and all reports and paperwork necessary for the operation of his department.

Rodney Starner & Matthew Kempf - Mechanics

These highway department employees are responsible for the maintenance of all Township-owned equipment ranging from the small handheld tools to the largest pieces of equipment. The mechanics also assist in evaluating projects and making recommendations to the Superintendent related to the safest, most efficient means of completing projects. The persons act as a road/maintenance worker when situations arise that they are needed to work in that manner.

Brian Steigleman - Heavy Equipment Operator
Craig Shaw - Maintenance
Carey Welsh - Maintenance
Sean Clouse - Maintenance
Tyler Armolt - Maintenance

Highway Maintenance Workers are responsible for operating the trucks, equipment and tools in a manner necessary to accomplish the goals of the Highway Department. They perform duties assigned to them by the Highway Superintendent.

New Dump Truck

To see pictures of the newest edition to the Townhip fleet, click here.


At 51.6 square miles, South Middleton Township is the second largest municipality in Cumberland County. The Township has 103.38 miles of Township-owned roads to maintain, plus 42 miles of State-owned and maintained roads. This makes each member of the road crew personally responsible for about 14.29 miles of roadway. This may not seem like a lot, but remember that plowing for each route after a 5 to 6 inch snowfall takes about 6 to 8 hours (depending on the density of snow, time of day, etc.).

At times the task is daunting, but the crew is dedicated to providing motorists with the safest travel possible in and through the Township. That dedication, plus a few well-trained part-time workers and a good support staff, all combine to provide great service.

The Township is constantly upgrading its fleet of equipment and vehicles as well. Every attempt is made to provide the Highway Department with the tools they need to do a good job for everyone. It is important to remember to give them as much room and consideration as possible when they do their jobs. Remember, a little inconvenience will provide a lot of benefit later.