Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (No. 1 of 2001)

(Updated June 3, 2014)

Contents Amendments Road Hierarchy Map

Article 1 Title, Purpose, Authority and Jurisdiction
Article 2 Definition of Terms
Article 3 General Procedures, Minor Plans and Fee Schedules
Article 4 Voluntary Sketch Plan Submission
Article 5 Preliminary Plan Submission
Article 6 Final Plan Submission
Article 7 Site Planning and Design Requirements
Article 8 Mobile Home Park Regulations
Article 9 Flood Plain Area Regulations
Article 10 Stormwater Management Planning and Design Requirements
Article 11 Wellhead Protection Design Requirements
Article 12 Construction Standards and Specifications
Article 13 Improvements and Construction Assurances
Article 14 Modification of Requirements
Article 15 Enforcement, Penalties, Severability, Amendments, and Enactment
Ord. 10-01 Wellhead Protection


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