Zoning Ordinance (No. 3 of 2007)

(Updated August 12, 2015)

Zoning Map Contents Amendments

Airport Overlay District Map Wellhead Overlay District Map

Article 1 General Provisions
Article 2 Community Development Objectives
Article 3 Definition of Terms
Article 4 Designation of Districts
Article 5 W-C Woodland Conservation District
Article 6 AC Agricultural & Conservation District
Article 7 R-L Residential - Low Density District
Article 8 R-M Residential - Moderate Density District
Article 9 R-H Residential - High Density District
Article 10 V - Village District
Article 11 SC - Suburban Commercial District
Article 12 C - Commercial District
Article 13 I - Industrial District
Article 14 Special Overlay Districts
Article 15 Reserved
Article 16 Supplemental Regulations
Article 17 Signs
Article 18 Off - Street Parking
Article 19 Non - conforming Uses, Structures and Lots
Article 20 Conditional Uses
Article 21 Amendments
Article 22 Administration and Enforcement
Article 23 Zoning Hearing Board and Other Administrative Proceedings
Article 24 Appeals to Court
Article 25 Legal Status Provisions


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