Community Development

The Community Development staff administers adopted ordinances, codes, and standards pertaining to land use planning, zoning, building codes, and codes enforcement (primarily nuisance ordinances).

The types of regulated activities within these areas include:

  • Building Construction – includes new buildings, additions, alterations, relocation and demolition.
  • Subdivision and Land Development – includes processing of plans, review of relevant ordinances including zoning, and coordinating with the Township Engineer for reviews of the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance requirements including traffic and storm water management.
  • Zoning (land use) – includes permitted uses, required parking, signs, building height limits, use standards, Floodplain Management.
  • Road Occupancy & Right-of-ways (streets, curbs, sidewalks, driveways) – includes construction standards, trenching & boring rights.
  • Nuisance Ordinance – includes weeds, Fire code, junk & abandoned vehicles.

Subdivision and Land Development Procedures

Building and Permitting Procedures