Sewage Management

South Middleton Township's Sewage Management Program

On October 20, 1998 the Board of Supervisors adopted a new Ordinance that regulates the planning, permitting and most importantly the maintenance of on-lot sewage disposal systems within the Township. This Ordinance also requires the registration of septage haulers doing business within South Middleton Township.

All owners of property served by on-lot sewage disposal systems will be required to comply with this Ordinance. Specifically, the Ordinance does the following:
  • Adopts the provisions of chapters 71, 72 and 73 of title 25 of the Pennsylvania code as the township's regulations for the installation of and issuance of permits for individual on-lot sewage systems except as modified by this ordinance
  • Establishes regulations concerning the location of initial and replacement areas for individual on-lot sewage systems within the township
  • Provides procedures for the administration of the program
  • Provides that the township shall not warrant or guarantee the functioning or maintenance of any individual on-lot sewage system installed pursuant to the terms of this ordinance
  • Providing for penalties and remedies for the violation of this ordinance Requires maintenance of all individual on-lot and community sewage disposal systems
  • Requires septage haulers to be registered with the township and to make reports and provide information to the township. For more information, view a current list of registered septic haulers (PDF) and contact the Township for the most accurate information.
  • Requires that permits be obtained prior to the installation of an individual on-lot sewage system for all lots within the township regardless of the size of the lot
  • Requires that reports be made to the township

Districts & Inspections

As stated, the program will be implemented over a three-year period. For this reason, the Township has been divided into three "districts". District 1, in which inspections will be conducted during 1999, includes all of those properties served by on-lot sewage disposal systems north of the Yellow Breeches Creek, and west of Petersburg Road. Property owners in these District should be receiving letters from the Township Sewage Enforcement Officer in January and February of 1999. The SEO will follow the letter with a telephone call to set up a time for a system inspection.

Existing On-Lot Systems

Under the program, all existing on-lot sewage disposal systems will be inspected by the Township's Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO). This initial inspection will be conducted within three years. The purpose of the initial inspection is to determine the type and functional status of each component of the sewage disposal system. A written report will be furnished to the owner of each property inspected, and a copy of that report shall be maintained in the municipal records.

The initial inspection may include a physical tour of the property, the taking of samples from any surface water, wells, other ground water sources, or the sampling of the contents of the sewage disposal system itself. It could also possibly involve the introduction of dye into the interior plumbing of the structure served to determine the path and ultimate destination of wastewater generated.

New On-Lot Systems

All new development in areas that are served, or are to be served, by on-lot systems will be required follow the requirements for planning and permitting as set forth in the ordinance. The major change from the current procedures is that all lots will be required to locate two suitable areas for the sewage disposal system, a primary area and a backup area.

Record Keeping

The new Ordinance requires that accurate records be kept documenting the date that an on-lot system was serviced, who pumped the tank(s), and the site at which the septage was disposed. Copies of these records are to be sent to the Township and the property owner.

Registration of Septage Haulers

All septage haulers that pump and service on-lot systems in South Middleton Township are now required to register with the Township. There is no fee associated with this registration.