Waste Disposal

Township Trash & Recycling Contract

According to the Township’s Solid Waste and Recycling Ordinance (Ordinance 2019-01 (PDF), it is mandatory for all persons within the Township to properly dispose of solid waste and recyclables.

 The Township's Trash and Recycling contract with Waste Management requires adherence to an operational collection time of 5 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Exceptions to this may be approved if requested due to weather conditions, holidays, or other reasons deemed appropriate.

Please contact the Township Office at 717-258-5324 if you have any questions or concerns regarding our contract with Waste Management.

Waste Management Trash & Recycling Guidelines Flyer

Bulk Item Pick-Up Service

If you have a large household item (furniture, mattress, appliance, etc.) that you would like to dispose of, you may contact Waste Management to schedule it to be picked up curbside.

All bulk items will be collected with your regular trash and recycling on your normal collection day. Please note:

 If your appliance that you wish to get rid of contains Freon, you must contact an EPA certified and licensed professional to remove the Freon before setting it out for pick-up to ensure it is not released into the atmosphere.

Mattresses need to be wrapped before setting them out for pick-up for safety reasons.

Service Questions


If you need to set up Trash and Recycling service, schedule a bulk item pick-up, or have a billing question please contact Waste Management at 800-634-4595.