Spring Meadows Park Master Plan

South Middleton Township has completed the process of developing a master plan for Spring Meadows Park. The purpose of the master plan was to establish a long term vision for expansion of the existing park. The planning efforts were based upon the collaboration and cooperation of municipal officials and the community at large.

What is a Master Site Plan?

A master plan is a conceptual layout for a site. It looks at placement and relationships of facilities, plans for implementation, and acknowledgement of future growth. According to Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the master site plan is generally viewed as a research, public input and an analysis process that leads to a size, type and location plan for the full development or redevelopment of a park site.

The plan met all current standards and provide for the identified recreation needs and priorities of the community to the extent possible. This means that there must be enough detail developed during the process and provided in the plan narrative report and on the plan drawing to ensure that the facilities meet standards, can in fact be built on the site and that reasonably accurate costs can be estimated.

Opportunities for Public Involvement - Public Meetings

Public Meeting Dates

Public meetings were scheduled throughout the planning process.

Public Meeting 1 - April 17, 2014
Public Meeting 2 - September 4, 2014

Plan Study Committee

In order to provide guidance to the consultants, the Township created a Plan Study Committee (PSC). The PSC members served in a volunteer capacity representing a variety of interests and opinions regarding the redevelopment of the park.

The PSC met as scheduled with the design team to conduct activities associated with the preparation of the master site plan. The Township hosted focus groups and public meetings to provide additional input and guidance to the design team. This input was critical to developing a plan that meets the needs of the community as a whole.

Committee Members:
  • Tyler Ball - Student
  • Patrick Brady - Member at Large
  • Andrea Ciccocioppo - Parks and Recreation Board Member
  • Sarah Colondrillo - Director of Recreation
  • Patrick Dieter - School District Athletic Director
  • Tom Hayes - School Board Member
  • Tom Houf - Township Planning Commission Member
  • Greg Lunde - Business Owner
  • Duff Manweiler - Township Supervisor
  • Brian O'Neill - Township Engineer
  • Brady Pyers - Parks and Recreation Board Member
  • Matt Steiman - Dickinson College Farm (property neighbors)
  • Kurt Uhler - Director of Parks and Facilities

PSC Meeting Dates

PSC Meeting Dates were coordinated in conjunction with the regularly scheduled park and recreation board meetings to the extent possible.

  • Meeting March 20, 2014 6 p.m.
  • Meeting June 4, 2014 6:30 p.m.
  • Meeting July 24, 2014 6:30 p.m.
  • Meeting September 20, 2014 6 p.m.

For More Information

Questions regarding the master plan or project website can be directed to Andy Mears of JMT Engineering at 717-741-6269 or 800-266-5488 or via email.