Active Transportation Plan - 2021

In 2021, the Township developed an Active Transportation Plan (ATP).  The purpose of the plan was to explore opportunities to expand connections for walking and biking in and around the Township; and expand the Township's walkability, safety, and sense of place.  This plan builds upon the Township’s various previous planning efforts to connect trails, enhance parks, and support a healthy and vibrant community.

The Township received two grants to complete the plan.  The grants were from the PA Department of Conservation through the PA Department of Health’s “Walkworks” Program, and the Cumberland County Land Partnership grant program.

What is a Active Transportation Plan?

The plan involved inventorying existing pedestrian and bicycle routes, soliciting public input on suggested routes, and makes recommendations on proposed projects and policies to create a system of connected trails and bike paths.

Strategies to achieve the vision and goals were included involving specific near-term and long-term capital improvement projects, policy updates, and programs to encourage and raise awareness about walking and biking. This plan will serve as a guide for the township and other partners to provide safe connections between recreational, economic, and cultural destinations and build an active transportation network over time.

The focus areas of the plan were:

  1. The walkability of Boiling Springs
  2. Bike lanes on Forge Road and a “gateway” to Boiling Springs on Forge Road
  3. Expansion of the Letort Regional Authority Trail to include the Craighead House
  4. Additional connections within the Wittlinger Nature Preserve
  5. And expanding facilities in the Walnut Bottom Road area to include a 2 ½-mile loop trail along Marsh Drive

The plan also calls for an educational and outreach program to promote road cycling safety and awareness.  The consultant also reviewed the Township’s ordinance and policies, and made recommendations in regards to updates to incorporate pedestrian and bicycle policies and traffic calming measures.

Opportunities for Public Involvement

An online portal was created and posted on the Township’s website and promoted by the Township in the newsletter, social media, and the Carlisle Sentinel in April/May of 2021.  The portal included an interactive map to allow comments at specific locations.  Those comments are included as an Appendix to the plan.

The comments were incorporated into the plan that was presented to the Board of Supervisor’s at their public meeting on August 12, 2021.  The plan was then posted on the Township website for public comment prior to being adopted by the Board at their September 9, 2021 meeting.

Steering Committee

In addition to soliciting public input, a Steering Committee of interested stakeholders was formed to provide the framework and guide the plan.  The Steering Committee was provided drafts of the plan as various stages and provided the opportunity for input. 

Committee Members:

R. Duff Manweiler; SMT Board of Supervisors

Troy Truax, AICP; SMT Planning Commission

John Greenbaum; SMT School District, SMT Parks & Recreation Board

Michelle Tarquino; PennDOT District 8-0

Stephanie Williams; Cumberland County Planning Department

Lori Keiffer Yeich; DCNR

Chad Jumper, MD; Family Practice Center, PC

Frank Cousart; Harrisburg Bike Club and CV Rail/Trails

Chrstine Lauriello; Cumberland Valley Appalachian Trail Club

Chris Paradysz; Adventure Explorations

Carol Reichbaum, PA Downtown Center, WalkWorks Administrator

Township Personnel

Cory Adams; Township Manager

Sarah Colondrillo; Director of Recreation

Kurt Uhler; Director of Public Works

Brian O’Neill; Township Engineer

Marie Holland; Township Grants Coordinator/Client Manager—GMS Funding Solutions

For More Information

Questions on the plan (a link to the plan is provided on the right frame of this page) can be directed to Brian O’Neill, Township Engineer at (717) 258-5324 or via email at

Active Transportation Plan Documents