Ron Hamilton

Board of Supervisors
Title: Supervisor

I was born in Mechanicsburg and lived in South Middleton Township (SMT) for most of my life, except for a very short stint living in Carlisle and North Middleton Township.

I graduated from Boiling Springs High School in 1966 and joined the U.S. Army Reserves. For the next several years I worked various construction jobs ending as a Construction Superintendent. In 1973, I took a position with the then Department of Environmental Resources in Harrisburg. I retired from the Department of Environmental Protection in 2008 as a Senior Civil Engineer involved with the design and construction of flood protection projects and dams for the Commonwealth. During those years, I attended HACC and Penn State Capitol Campus studying Engineering.

Association With South Middleton

I began my association with South Middleton Township (SMT) in 1998 when I was named the Emergency Management Coordinator for the SMT. This is a Governor-appointed position through SMT. The position is responsible for producing an emergency action plan for SMT. In 2003, I was named the Emergency Services Administrator as well. This position has supervisory responsibility over all emergency services in SMT. To date, I continue to hold both of these positions in SMT.

Fire Service

Prior to my association with SMT, I held various positions including 10 years as Fire Chief with the Union Fire Co., Carlisle. I clearly have a soft spot in my heart for the Fire Service. 

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