Compost Site

Operational since October 1997, the compost site is located on Lindsey Road, and is accessible from Petersburg Road.

Compost Site Rules

  • You must be a South Middleton Township resident, and are required to show proof of residency upon request or access shall be denied.
  • Please remove all containers and bags.
  • The Compost Site is a No Smoking facility.
  • No commercial business or hauler may drop off or pick up any product without a completed authorization form. The forms are available at Township office and must be signed by a Township resident.
  • Leaf mulch and tanbark are free to Township residents, but must be hand loaded.
  • Due to the high probability of vehicle damage or bodily harm, Township residents and employees are prohibited from machine loading any product.
  • The Township staff appreciates the cooperation of all involved with the operation of the compost site, as we pride ourselves in providing a quality product free of charge in a safe environment to all residents.
  • Questions shall be directed to South Middleton Township Road Director Russel Yinger.
Compost Site activity
The Township compost site as seen from Lindsey Road

Compost Site Passes Required

A vehicle-identification sticker is required to access the Township's compost facility at 615 Lindsey Road.  The stickers are available at the Township building, and will be provided to residents at no charge.  As is currently the case, non-Township residents are prohibited from using the compost site.  The tags aid in identification of Township residents by site attendants, improve traffic flow in and out of the facility, improving safety and efficiency, as well as reduce fraudulent usage of the compost site by nonresidents.  Commercial landscapers hired to maintain private property will not be required to obtain a vehicle identification sticker, but must continue to complete a Township-issued release form.  To obtain a sticker for your vehicle, stop by the Township building with proof of your address and vehicle information (License Plate #).  The application form may also be downloaded from the link above.  We ask that you please place the sticker at the top of the passenger side of the windshield of you vehicle.


  • Brush/shrubbery clippings
  • Christmas trees
  • Dry ornamental grass
  • Leaves on leaf pile only
  • Logs under 8 inches diameter/less than 6 feet long
  • Pine cones and seed pods in compost only
  • Shrubbery roots that are free of dirt and stones

Not Accepted

  • Construction materials
  • Corn fodder, Corn cobs, Mulch/Old Compost
  • Grass clippings, garbage, dirt, stones
  • Logs over 8 inches in diameter
  • Nuts, Fruit, Vegetables
  • Weeds from garden

Development Funding

The development of the compost site was achieved through a $187,623 matching grant, awarded from the State Department of Environmental Protection. The Township's 20% share was achieved by providing in-house labor. The grant covered excavating, paving, fencing, and landscaping, as well as improvement of an access road into the site (Lindsey Road). In 1999, an additional 15.77 acres of land was added to the site for eventual expansion and use for other Township related activities.

PA 2006 Waste Watchers Award

South Middleton Township has been awarded the PA 2006 Waste Watchers Award for composting. Read the Award Presentation Letter (PDF) to learn more.